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BabyDream.Club – original design baby clothing and baby bibs

Every parent dreams about a peaceful and comfortable life. Keeping this in mind, we made uniquely designed baby bibs!

Our bibs are available in two sizes: size 1 fits clothes for up to 9 months old babies or 74 cm, size 2 fits clothes for up to 12+ months old babies or 86+ cm. Our bibs are made with love, they’re different styles, designs and made for different occasions: eating and playing. For very special occasions and moments you can order personalized designs just for your little one! 

Why are our bibs so unique? Bibs are fastened to the cloth with plastic snap buttons for easy wear and fast change. Your baby won’t even notice it!

Our bibs are made of an absorbent towel-like fabric to catch any liquid on the outside and the inside is made of a waterproof layer to secure any liquid seeping through the bibs and on to the cloth, making it perfect for both milk dribble and everyday drool. Bibs are machine washable and specially made for babies that are 3 – 12+ months old.

About BabyDream …

BabyDream.Club and it’s brand VIRUSINI© is a family owned business, designing and producing the brand new, unique style bibs in Latvia. All our bibs are handmade from high quality materials. Every single bib is made with love and a lot of patience to guarantee the best sensations and usage.

Our story started when our baby Thomas was just a few months old, the food was always all over him and teething was an everyday struggle… That was the time when we realized that all the bibs we had at home were not perfect – they turned around the neck, Thomas could take them off by himself and they simply just didn’t work for us! Then the idea came to us – the bib should be fastened to the cloth itself and not the baby! With a few design samples – here we are! We made stylish, waterproof and easy to use bibs for every baby just like Thomas! So – dream big little one!

Tev noteikti ir kāds sapnis vai ideja, ko vēlies redzēt uz savas vai mīļa cilvēka krūzes, T-krekla vai jakas. Tev vienkārši ir jārealizē savs sapnis. Šī būs unikāla iespēja un pieredze pašam radīt savu dizainu. Sāc jau šodien! Mansdizains – personalizēts dizains! Lieliska iespēja radīt personalizētas dāvanas sev un saviem mīļajiem…

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